Ujjivan SFB Debit Cards

Customised for your needs

Ujjivan SFB offers two uniquely crafted Debit Cards offered by RuPay from NPCI, which is designed and customised to meet your day to day needs.


  • Make cashless payments with ease
  • Get multifarious offers and benefits

Toggle on and off for debit cards

Customise and restrict the usage of your debit card for ATMs, E-com, POS and Contactless Transaction through our ATM, Internet & Mobile Banking


Review your card's toggle settings via Internet & Mobile Banking before your next online and contactless POS transaction.     
Click Services → Debit card → Manage Card → Select Card → Manage your transaction

RuPay Classic Debit Card

Features & Benefits

  • Zero issuance charge
  • Tap & Pay enabled cards
  • Exciting offers on shopping from RuPay
  • Enhanced chip-based security

RuPay Platinum Debit Card

A personalized card for the Privileged, with multifarious lifestyle benefits


Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited FREE transactions across any bank ATM*
  • Lounge Access – 2 free access per quarter across 24 Domestic lounges PAN India
  • Accidental/Permanent disability insurance up to ₹2,00,000
  • Enhanced limits of upto ₹2,00,000 per day at ATM & Shopping*
  • Rs.100 off on Swiggy and Amazon Pay once per month
  • Enhanced chip-based security
  • Tap & Pay enabled cards
  • Exciting shopping offers from RuPay

Rupay Select Debit Card

The Rupay Select debit card, meticulously designed to provide a premium experience tailored to our esteemed clientele. With the Rupay Select debit card, we bring forth a comprehensive array of wellness and lifestyle benefits, accompanied by enhanced transaction limits.


Features & Benefits

  • Complimentary Lounge Access: Avail yourself of the luxury of two complimentary lounge visits per quarter at esteemed domestic lounges across India.
  • Premium Health Check-up: Enjoy the convenience of an annual premium health check-up, provided to you as a token of our appreciation.
  • Complimentary Wellness Services: Experience a range of wellness services on the house, adding value to your overall well-being.
  • Travel Coupons: Receive a complimentary travel coupon for renowned cab aggregators, facilitating your journeys with added convenience.
  • Golf Lessons: Immerse yourself in the refined sport of golf with complimentary rounds of golf lessons, exclusively available to our Rupay Select debit cardholders.
  • Enhanced Transaction Limits: Benefit from significantly higher transaction limits, with a daily cap of ₹5 lakhs for point-of-sale (POS) and e-commerce transactions.
  • Insurance Coverage: Obtain personal accident and permanent disability insurance coverage of up to ₹10,00,000, offering you a sense of security and peace of mind.
  • Exclusive Merchant Offers: Gain access to an array of exclusive offers from our esteemed merchant partners, tailored specifically for Rupay Select debit cardholders.
  • Round-the-Clock Concierge Services: Dedicated concierge available 24x7 to assist you with your diverse needs, ensuring a seamless and personalized banking experience.

Sign Up on RuPay Select Debit Card portal to know your offers and how to avail it

  • Step 1: Goto RuPay's Select offers page
  • Link: https://www.rupay.co.in/our-cards/rupay-debit/rupay-select
  • Step 2: Click on login
  • Step 3: Click on Sign Up
  • Step 4: Enter required information of card, contact details and click on "Submit" to Sign Up
  • Step 5: Now Login with registered Email ID & Password to know your exclusive offers offered by Ujjivan SFB

*Limits and features may vary basis the product variant. Please read the features of the product for details. The features and benefits on RuPay Debit Cards are provided by NPCI and are subject to the guidelines issued from time to time by RBI and NPCI, and the Customers are advised to keep updated of the guidelines issued by RBI and NPCI from time to time. The benefits can be discontinued at any time without any prior notice to the customer at the sole discretion of the Bank/NPCI.

Lounge Access Details

Insurance Claim Process


Ujjivan SFB's RuPay Debit Cards come with personal accidental insurance cover. Rupay Platinum debit card comes with ₹2 lakhs and RuPay select Debit card comes with ₹10 lakhs. The insurance covers accidental death and permanent disability. For more on eligibility criteria and claim process, please refer to the following forms:


Note: **Subject to the guidelines issued by NPCI from time to time, the holder of RuPay debit card will be eligible for personal accident coverage under RuPay Insurance Program of NPCI.

Tokenisation Of Debit Cards

Tokenisation is the process of replacing the actual card number of your Ujjivan Debit Card with a virtual token (Unique Reference number) while the card is being saved at Merchant Websites or Applications. By not storing the actual card details at merchants, it is ensured that, your data is safe & secure while carrying out online transactions with your debit card. All Ujjivan debit card details which have been saved previously at Merchant Websites/Apps (without Tokenization) shall be deleted by Merchants by September 30, 2022 & with effect from October 01, 2022, only card tokens can be saved by Merchants when the customer attempts to save his/her card details on the merchant app/website. 


If you have previously saved your Ujjivan Debit card details at merchant websites/apps without tokenization, then such saved card details will not be available from October 01, 2022 onwards & you will have to saved your card once again. From October 01, 2022, your actual card details will not be stored at merchant websites/apps & only card token will be saved. 


For FAQs on Debit card Tokenisation: click here



As per RBI mandate, cardholder consent is required to activate ECOM, Contactless and International transactions. When the debit card is issued ECOM, Contactless and International transactions will be blocked, customer themselves have to unblock and set limits in Mobile or Internet Banking or ATM.


Below is the details of Debit Card eligibility and daily transaction limits

ProductUjjivan SFB Classic CardUjjivan SFB Platinum CardUjjivan SFB Select CardCash at POS LimitContactless POS
 Eligible (Yes/No)ATM LimitPOS/ ECOM LimitEligible (Yes/No)ATM LimitPOS/ ECOM LimitEligible (Yes/No)ATM LimitPOS/ ECOM Limit  
Regular Savings AccountYES2500050000NONANANONANA20005000
Maxima Savings accountNONANANONANAYES25000050000020005000
Classic Savings AccountYES2500050000YES50000100000NONANA20005000
Garima Savings AccountYES2500050000NONANANONANA20005000
Privilege Savings AccountNONANAYES100000200000NONANA20005000
Minor Savings AccountYES2500050000NONANANONANA20005000
Basic (BSBDA) Savings AccountYES2500050000NONANANONANA20005000
Senior Citizen Savings AccountYES2500050000NONANANONANA20005000
Privilege Savings Account- Senior CitizenNONANAYES100000200000NONANA20005000
Digital Regular Savings AccountYES2500050000NONANANONANA20005000
NRE Savings AccountYES3000060000NONANANONANA20005000
NRO Savings AccountYES3000060000NONANANONANA20005000
Regular Current AccountYES50000100000NONANANONANA20005000
Privilege Current AccountNONANANONANAYES25000025000020005000
Maxima Current AccountNONANANONANAYES50000050000020005000
Premium Current AccountYES100000100000NONANANONANA20005000
Business Edge Current AccountNONANAYES150000150000NONANA20005000
TASC - Current AccountYES2500050000NONANANONANA20005000
Regular Corporate Salary AccountYES50000100000NONANANONANA20005000
Privilege Corporate Salary AccountNONANAYES100000200000NONANA20005000
Institutional Savings AccountYES2500050000NONANANONANA20005000
TASC - Savings AccountYES2500050000NONANANONANA20005000

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