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Leverage your gold and give a boost to your dreams!

Almost every Indian household has a few items of gold hoarded away for a rainy day. You can now use your gold holdings –    
in the form of jewellery – to help you get easy and quick financing for your needs.


* Gold Loan facility is available at select branches.


We realize that your gold comes attached with a thousand sentiments. Which is why we ensure utmost protection for your gold while you go out and realize your dreams!



Fees & Charges

Processing Fees

1% of Loan Amount + GST


Charges Zero

Penal Charges

1% per month on overdue amount

SI/ACH Bounce

Charges Zero

Stamp Duty

As per State Laws

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Ujjivan SFB Gold Loans

1.What is a gold loan?


A loan taken against your Gold Jewellery is known as Gold Loans.

2. Who is eligible to get a gold loan?


Eligibility - Any Ujjivan Relationship Customers who is between 18 to 75 years in age is eligible to apply for Gold Loans.

3. How are gold loans different from Individual Loans?


Gold loans are sanctioned against your gold or jewellery holdings. Individual Loans and credit cards are sanctioned on the basis of your income proof and repayment capacity.

Individual Loans and credit card borrowings are unsecured loans and usually carry a higher rate of interest than gold loans which are secured loans.

Also, applying for a Individual Loan or a credit card requires a number of documents and the process can stretch for days/weeks. On the other hand, you can get a gold loan across the counter within minutes with minimal documentation.

4. What is the rate of interest charged on such loans?


Currently, the rate of interest on our gold loans is between 14.5 to 15%.

5. What is the tenure of such loans?


Our gold loans are available in tenures that vary between 6 to 12 months.

6. Are there any end-use restrictions involved?


No, there are no end-use restrictions in Ujjivan SFB's gold loans. You can use the loan proceeds as you deem fit.

7. How long will it take for me to get my gold loan?


You can get your loan disbursed inside an hour! This is, however, subject to the verification of the gold, your application form and supporting documents.

Repaying your Gold Loan

8. How do I repay my Gold Loan?


You can repay your loan through a single Bullet Repayment covering both the principal and interest at the end of the loan tenure. You can also make part payments during the tenure of the loan.

9. Can I foreclose or prepay my Gold Loan?


Yes, you can foreclose or make a part prepayment against your Gold Loan. And, the best part is that Ujjivan SFB does not charge any foreclosure or prepayment charges unlike most other banks!

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