Business Net Banking

Business Net Banking

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Time is money when it comes to business. We value your time and the growth you can make each minute. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank brings you simple, safe, and secure Business Net Banking with features that take care of all your banking needs on the go! Our Business Net Banking is a platform that is designed to make your business transactions smooth, secure, and swift. You can also assign users who can initiate transactions on your behalf while you continue to authorise them. With Business Net Banking, we support you in banking at your convenience.

  • Dashboard Banking – A single page with all the information  

    Get a snapshot of the linked account in a single page with details such as account types, account balance, list of transactions pending for approvals, count of in-progress/completed/rejected/total transactions, menu, last login information and much more. The details are a click away.

  • Safe and secure

    With multiple levels of authorisation determined by you for various kinds of features/transactions and two-factor authentication for posting transactions, Business Net Banking has all the safety and security features for your on-the-go banking experience.

  • Create users for operating your account

    Define the profiles of users who can access your account by assigning account group, user role, per transaction limits and user wise authorisation matrix. This allows you to delegate your banking and control it at the same time.


  • Bulk upload

    With our bulk upload feature on Business Net Banking platform, all your salary payments, vendor payments and any other payments up to 9,999 transactions can be made at a single time. You can also define single/multiple debits for your bulk upload payments.

  • GST payments

    GST payments can be made in 3 simple steps

    • Generate the challan on the GST portal and note down the beneficiary account number (CPIN).
    • Make GST payments to the beneficiary account number (CPIN) under NEFT/RTGS using GST Payment option menu on Business Net Banking portal.
    • Link the Unique Transaction Reference Number generated, to the CPIN number on the GST portal to check the status of the GST payment.
  • Bill payments on the go 

    With the Bill Payments facility, enjoy our one-stop solution for most of your business bill payments and recharges, making it a timesaving and efficient process for you. Use instant bill payment for quick and intermittent payments or the autopay facility for recurring bills to make sure that you do not skip the due dates and receive hassle-free, uninterrupted service from your providers.

  • Plan your transactions

    Set up standing instructions and schedule transfers in Business Net Banking for all your recurring payments and one-time future payments. Set-up, sit back and relax!

  • Fund transfer

    Ujjivan SFB gives you multiple options to transfer funds through the below type of fund transfers

    • Internal Fund Transfer (IFT)
    • NEFT
    • RTGS
    • IMPS


    NEFT transaction limits below

    • Regular transaction limit as requested by you, is applicable between 8 am to 7 pm.
    • NEFT Fund transfer limit between 7 pm to 8 am is Rs. 10 lakh.

    IMPS helps you to transfer money (upto 2 Lakh) instantly.

  • Other services

    Now download your account statement with predefined frequency parameters or email them to registered email ID

    Request cheque book, demand draft, check the status of service request and much more.

Registration For Business Net Banking

  • Submit a duly filled Business Net Banking (BNB) form at your nearest Ujjivan SFB branch. All the pages of the form to be signed by authorised signatories. To download BNB form, click here.
  • Submit with applicable supporting documents. Constitution wise applicable supporting documents are mentioned in the BNB form.
  • The template of supporting documents is given in the next section. Download the template, fill the details, print on the letterhead (as applicable), and submit along with the BNB form.

Your security is important to us. We request you to keep in mind the following security measures:

Do's Don'ts
Always visit Ujjivan SFB website by first typing in the address Do not access Ujjivan SFB Business Net Banking portal through a link from another website or a link in an e-mail or SMS.
Ensure that the URL begins with a padlock sign or with ‘https: //’. The letter “s” at the end of "https" means that the site is secure. Do not enter your Ujjivan SFB login credentials in any pop-up window
To login to your Business Net Banking portal, click on the relevant link on the Landing page. Avoid the use of Business Net Banking Portal from shared computer networks such as cyber cafes or public Wi-Fi networks.
If the Business Net Banking portal log-in ID or password appears automatically on the sign-in page, you should disable the "Autocomplete or Autofill" function to increase the security of confidential information. Ujjivan SFB will never send any email or SMS or phone call seeking confidential details. Do not provide your personal information or bank account details to anyone
Always use the virtual keyboard to enter the customer ID and password.
Change your password frequently and never share your Ujjivan SFB Business Net Banking password with anyone.
Always check the last login date and time when you access Ujjivan SFB Personal or Business Net Banking portal and also check your account statement regularly
If you have accounts with multiple banks, avoid using the same password for all the accounts.
Never close your browser window directly. Always logout from Ujjivan SFB Business Net Banking portal to ensure that your session is securely terminated

Make every minute count! Get your business banking done securely on-the-go!

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