Environmental, Social & Governance

ESG aspects are an integral part of the bank’s core principles. Ujjivan, with its inherent social orientation, has volunteered to implement ESG in the bank and is in the process of formulating a visionary roadmap for making a significant contribution in the ESG space. Bank’s Risk management committee has been designated to approve and oversee the implementation of the Bank level policy on the ESG parameters. With the maiden BRSR published this year basis regulatory compliance, the Sustainability report is slated for publication this financial year as a voluntary disclosure. 

Initiatives towards optimal resource utilization in the operations and digitalization of our products and services are some of the key focus areas of the bank with respect to environment parameters. 

The organisation has carefully scrutinized the significant contributors of Carbon footprint within its ambit and has formulated a strategy towards reducing it in gradual steps. The decarbonization strategy is being formulated to be rolled out in Q1 of this FY.

As a sector serving in the financial domain, we have been exploring the avenues of green finance, that assists in reduction of negative environmental impact. We strive to produce positive environmental and social impact through our persistence, passion and progress towards evolving ESG media.

Corporate Social Responsibility Financial Literacy

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