Set Transaction Limit

Set Debit Card Transaction Limits

  • Customers can Set Transaction Limit for each channel such as ATM, ECOM and POS.
  • Customers can temporarily Block/Unblock their Debit Card (This feature blocks the complete card for all transactions).
  • Customers can temporarily Block/Unblock individually for ATM, ECOM and POS channels.

Click here to Set Transaction Limit

Path: Login to Net Banking > Menu > Cards > Manage


  • ECOM transaction will be in a blocked status by default for all NTB customers and also for existing customers who have never used these services before.
  • Customers have to unblock the Toggles of ECOM to make ECOM transactions.
  • POS and ECOM have a combined Daily Limit.
  • Customer will receive SMS alerts for each change using the Manage Card service.
  • Please not that all changes are in real time.