Set Transaction Limit

Set Transaction Limit

Elevate your banking experience with Ujjivan's user-centric approach to transaction limits. Take control of your financial activities by customising ATM, ECOM, and POS transaction thresholds to align with your unique needs and preferences.

Set Debit Card Transaction Limits

  • Customers can set a Transaction Limit for each channel such as ATM, ECOM and POS.
  • Customers can temporarily Block/Unblock their Debit Card (This feature blocks the complete card for all transactions).
  • Customers can temporarily Block/Unblock individually for ATM, ECOM and POS channels.

Click here to Set Transaction Limit


Path: Login to Net Banking > Menu > Cards > Manage


  • ECOM transactions will be in a blocked status by default for all NTB customers and also for existing customers who have never used these services before.
  • Customers have to unblock the Toggles of ECOM to make ECOM transactions.
  • POS and ECOM have a combined Daily Limit.
  • Customers will receive SMS alerts for each change using the Manage Card service.
  • Please note that all changes are in real time.


1. How long does it take for changes in transaction limits to take effect?

Changes in transaction limits are implemented in real-time. Once you confirm the modifications through the Net Banking portal, they become effective immediately.

2. What channels can I set transaction limits for?

You can set transaction limits for various channels including ATM, ECOM (online transactions), and POS (point of sale).

3. What happens if I forget my Net Banking login details?

In case you forget your Net Banking login details, you can easily reset your password through the Ujjivan SFB Net banking Application.

4. What should I do if I suspect unauthorised transactions on my card?

If you notice any unauthorised transactions, it's crucial to immediately block your card through Net Banking and contact Ujjivan's customer support to report the issue and initiate necessary actions.

5. Is there a default transaction limit set for ECOM and POS transactions?

Yes, there is a combined daily limit for POS and ECOM transactions. However, you have the option to adjust this limit according to your needs.