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Liability Service

Liability Service

Enable hassle-free account access and service requests such as card blocking, cheque book requests and more at the touch of a button.

API Name API Description Action
Enquire Account Balance Returns account balances of different types for given account. Download
Get Mini Statement To view the Mini Statement of the given account number. Download
Get Account Statement This service retrieves Account Statement for SB/CA Account for a date range. Download
Search Transaction Details This service retrieves the Transaction Details based on the search parameters (Date range, Amount, Status). Download
Deliverable Management This service creates a deliverable request in CRM. Download
Inquire TDS This service retrieves TDS details for an account. Download
Inquire Account Statement This service enquires the statement for a given account from CRM. Download
Unblock Debit Card This service unblocks a given debit card. Download
Block Debit Card This services blocks a given debit card. Download
Hotlist Debit Card This service Hotlists a given debit card based on a customer request. Download
Inquire Customer Interest This service fetches the Account Number and Interest Amount details. Download
Get Debit Card Info This service retrieves debit card details, and its status for a given account. Download
Stop Cheque Payment This service stops payment for a given cheque or range of cheques. Download
Raise Service Request This service raises a Service Request for Customer Complaints/Feedback/Inquiries. Download
Get Savings Bank Account Details This service fetches savings account details of a customer from CRM. Download
Update Savings Account This service updates details of an existing savings account. Download
Update Term Deposit Account This service updates details of an existing TD account. Download
Cheque Book Inquiry This service inquires the status of the Cheque Book from CBS. Download
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