Lead Management APIs

Build a Strong Business Partnership with Ujjivan SFB's Lead Management Stack

Take the lead by forging a successful business partnership with Ujjivan SFB through this Lead Management Stack. Pass qualified leads and update existing lead information effortlessly.

API NameAPI DescriptionAction
Search LeadThis services searches for leads in CRM based on parameters.Download
Check For DuplicateThis service checks for duplication of lead based on specific parameters.Download
Save LeadThis service generates a new lead in the CRM.Download
Save Lead FormThis services creates a new lead and updates the lead for an existing customer.Download
Update CustomerThis service updates Customer Information for address change, contact change, etc. on CRM.Download
Search LeadThis services searches for Lead in CRM based on parameters.Download
Get Retail Customer InfoThis service provides the details of existing customers based on a few preset parameters.Download
Search CustomerThis service returns customer details based on search parameters.Download
Search KYC DetailsThis service fetches KYC details from CRM based on the input parameters (CIF ID).Download