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Ujjivan SFB Debit Cards

Customised for your needs

Ujjivan SFB offers two uniquely crafted Debit Cards offered by RuPay from NPCI, which is designed and customised to meet your day to day needs.


^Subject to the guidelines issued by NPCI from time to time, the holder of RuPay debit card will be eligible for personal accident coverage under RuPay Insurance Program of NPCI.


*Limits and features may vary basis the product variant. Please read the features of the product for details. The features and benefits on RuPay Debit Cards are provided by NPCI and are subject to the guidelines issued from time to time by RBI and NPCI, and the Customers are advised to keep updated of the guidelines issued by RBI and NPCI from time to time. The benefits can be discontinued at any time without any prior notice to the customer at the sole discretion of the Bank/NPCI.


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Below is the details of Debit Card eligibility and daily transaction limits


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