Asset APIs

Explore Our Loan Service with Ujjivan’s API Solutions

Create the next disruption in the Retail Lending space by leveraging on our complete Loan Service API stack. Access a wide range of services such as getting Outstanding Loan Balances, enquire EMI Status, Post-partial Loan Repayment and much more.

API NameAPI DescriptionAction
Get Loan Disburse StatusGet the latest loan disbursement status with this service.Download
Get Loan Closure StatusThis service closes a loan account in case loan account was opened and the loan was not disbursed.Download
Disburse Loan StatusThis service disburses the loan from the control account to customer's account and provides the details.Download
Get Loan Account DetailsThis service fetches the balance of a particular Loan Account number.Download
Pay Partial LoanThis service posts partial loan payment amount to a particular account.Download
Get Loan Payment HistoryThis service retrieves payment details for the given loan account.Download
Get Loan Payment ScheduleThis service retrieves loan EMI payment schedule for a given account.Download
Get Loan Over DueThis service retrieves loan overdue demand details.Download
Get Loan Interest StatementThis service retrieves Loan Interest /Provisional Interest Statement.Download
Add Collateral Vehicle DetailsThis service adds vehicle collateral details in CBS.Download