Scheduled Transfer

Address scheduled fund transfers seamlessly with this API

Scheduled Transfer refers to a functionality that automates the management of fund movements. Outlined below are the API names, along with their descriptions and corresponding actions, for your reference.

API NameAPI DescriptionAction
Add Schedule TransferThis services adds a Scheduled Transaction to an account.Download
Inquire Schedule TransferThis service fetches all the Scheduled Transaction details of an account.Download
Get Transfer HistoryThis service transfers IMPS Transactions to an non-Ujjivan account.Download
Add Payment SIThis service helps customers to set-up an SI to the account.Download
Close Payment SIThis service helps the customers to close an existing SI.Download
Update Payment SIThis service updates already created SI.Download
Delete Schedule TransferThis service deletes a Scheduled Transfer.Download
Modify Schedule TransferThis service modifies a Scheduled Transfer.Download