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Everyone has aspirations. For some, it could be buying a new house or a car, whereas it could be ensuring quality higher education or a dream wedding for their kids, for others. While aspirations are different for everyone, what’s common is that all of them require a sizeable fund built over years.

It is precisely for these dreams and aspirations, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank has introduced Platina Fixed Deposit, where our customers will get higher rate of interest over and above our regular fixed deposit rates. Platina deposits are available for TASC, Non-individuals (excluding FIG) and for all individuals including NR customers. However, the senior citizen additional rate will not be applicable for Platina deposits.

Regular Fixed Deposits

Our aspirations for the future sometimes go on to become special occasions in our lives. Saving for these aspirations is a vital part of preparing for it. Whether it is higher education for your children, saving for a car or investing in property, you always have something to look forward to, something to save for. Our Fixed Deposits gives you the perfect avenue to invest in your future. Allowing greater flexibility with deposit amounts and tenure, the fixed deposit at Ujjivan SFB allows you more freedom with your savings.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank offers Fixed Deposits (FDs) ranging from 7 days to 10 years. We offer overdraft facility and loan against the value of the FD, which can be repaid in easy instalments. What’s more! Not only this Ujjivan SFB’s FDs pay more interest to our senior citizens and our Senior Citizen customers get a higher interest rate of 0.50% p.a. for any tenure.

Tax Saver Fixed Deposits

Saving for the long term has more than one benefit. While it ensures financial security at the time of maturity of the deposit, It also earns sizeable amount of interest. The Tax Saver Fixed Deposit provides an additional advantage of tax concession based on your deposit. What’s more! You can also opt to receive the interest on a monthly or quarterly basis to provide you with some extra money to spend. Saving for the long term, after all, has its benefits!

Regular Recurring Deposits

While the feeling of receiving your salary at the end of every month is rewarding, what is more rewarding is to be able to save a part of that every month for a more prosperous future.

A recurring deposit is a type of online fixed deposit that allows you to set aside some portion of your earnings every month. In other words, this type of FD lets you deposit a fixed sum every month, which accumulates to a more significant saving at the end of the term while fetching a slightly higher rate of interest along with it. Choose to opt for online FD opening and select the basic deposit amount you are comfortable with, along with a flexible tenure. You can then take a leap of faith into a recurring deposit without worrying about discontinuity.

    Digital Fixed Deposit

    Now open a FD with higher interest rates from the comfort of your home. A few simple steps required and your Digital FD will be created in just a few minutes. Just keep your Aadhaar card and PAN card handy for instant account opening.

    You deserve quicker and hassle-free solutions, Open Ujjivan Bank Digital FD without any paper-work. We provide convenient banking channels to match your fast-paced lifestyle. Receive your FD advice on your registered e-mail id within 24 hours of account opening.

    Open Ujjivan Bank Digital Fixed Deposit Now and start earning higher interest rates on your deposits.

    Sampoorna Nidhi

    Who doesn’t want a second income?

    Whether you are a young couple embarking on a newly married life or you have retired and are living now on meagre income and savings, that extra income is something you will always welcome with open arms. That is why we suggest you open a Fixed Deposit with our bank - Sampoorna Nidhi. It is a second income you can trust.

    Opening a Sampoorna Nidhi Fixed Deposit account ensures you get consistent and regular interest on your money, which is almost like an additional monthly income. This fixed deposit gives a higher rate of interest and the interest amount gets credited to your savings account every month. In short, Sampoorna Nidhi takes care of your out-of-pocket monthly expenses along with securing your family’s future.

    Maximize your savings! Earn up to 8.75% p.a. on our Fixed Deposits! Book FD Online

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