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Whether you need working capital for your fish farm or need financing to expand your business, we have got you covered.

Facilities Available

  • Overdraft - To meet working capital requirement for Farmer involved in fresh Water fish, Shrimps, Prawns, Crab farming.
  • Term Loan - For construction of new ponds/sluices, Purchase of equipment, transport vehicles etc.

Product Features

  • Age: 18-75 (Legal heir as Co-applicant is Mandatory if age >60)
  • Landholdings: Minimum 1 acres of Irrigated land
  • Security:
    • Primary: Hypothecation of crop & assets created out of bank finance
    • Collateral: Mortgage of agricultural land/Urban Property/Liquid security
  • Rate of Interest (ROI):
    • Overdraft: 15% P.a.
    • Term Loan: 17% P.a.
  • Documentation
    • Loan Application Form
    • KYC of Applicants/Co Applicants
    • Copy of Land Records
    • Copy of Govt. land rate of agriculture land
    • Latest updated passbook/bank statement
  • Tenor:
    • Overdraft: 1 Year to up to 5 Years (Yearly Renewal)
    • Term Loan: 1 Year to up to 5 Years

Key Benefits

  • Interest Rate: Attractive Interest Rate
  • Quick & Transparent Processing
  • Flexible Repayment
  • Simplified Documentation
  • No Hidden Charges, No Pre-Closure Charges
  • Doorstep Service

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