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Earn higher interest by investing your money in our fixed and recurring deposits. We provide flexibility with our lock-in periods that help you make long term decisions with your hard-earned money.

Tax Saver Fixed Deposit


Regular Recurring Deposit

Regular Fixed Deposit

Sampoorna Nidhi

Who doesn’t want a second income?


Whether you are a young couple embarking on a newly married life or you have retired and are living now on meagre income and savings, that extra income is something you will always welcome with open arms. That is why we suggest you open a Fixed Deposit with our bank - Sampoorna Nidhi. It is a second income you can trust.

Opening a Sampoorna Nidhi Fixed Deposit account ensures you get consistent and regular interest on your money, which is almost like an additional monthly income. This fixed deposit gives a higher rate of interest and the interest amount gets credited to your savings account every month. In short, Sampoorna Nidhi takes care of your out-of-pocket monthly expenses along with securing your family’s future.

Sampoorna Lakshya

To meet your short and long-term goals


Making goals and keeping targets is what makes our lives exciting. Now, you do not need to worry about how you will achieve those targets. Just start saving in our Sampoorna Lakshya Recurring Deposits product and through which we support you in achieving your goals and dreams.

Attaining the goal of saving for your daughter’s marriage or buying a new fridge has never been easier. Sampoorna Lakshya is designed specifically to help you reach such goals. We help you plan and invest your money systematically and regularly through a recurring deposit that is customised to help you achieve your dreams, whatever they may be.

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