Bhakti Nagar
IFSC - UJVN0004463 MICR Code - 387761002
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM IST

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank - Nadiad Branch

Bhakti Nagar

Tulsi Landmark, Opp. Kidney Hospital, Petlad Road, Bhakti Nagar, Bhakti Nagar, Nadiad - 387001
IFSC - UJVN0004463 MICR Code - 387761002
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM The branch will remain closed on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month
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Our Services

Savings Account
Current Account
Term Deposits
Affordable Housing Loan
MSME Loan and OD facility
Busimoni Od
Two Wheeler Loan
Vikas Loan
Kisan Pragati Card
Individual Loan
Group Loan
Nri Services
Retail Forex Services
TASC Account
Hello Ujjivan
Sampoorna Family Banking
Sampoorna Nidhi
Sampoorna Lakshya
Third Party Products (insurance)

About us

  • Present Across 24 States/Union Territory.
  • 248 Districts.
  • 66 Lakh Customer Base.
  • 629+ Banking Touchpoints.
  • 16,664 Employee Strength.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is a scheduled commercial bank serving 82+ lakh customers through 729 branches in 26 states & UTs, employing over 21,000+ people. Ujjivan SFB offers a wide range of products, including Savings and Current Accounts, Fixed and Recurring Deposits, Home Loans, Business Loans, Vehicle Loans, Agri & Allied Loans, Micro-Loans, Forex Services, distribution of Life, General, and Health Insurance products. In addition to its branch and ATM network, Ujjivan SFB provides doorstep banking, phone banking in 11 languages, mobile/internet banking in 9 languages, and voice-based banking software for consumers with limited literacy.

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203 Reviews
  • Rakesh Dave
    Rakesh Dave

    Very nice response Good work Suportive Pooja kapadiya

  • Deepak Yadav
    Deepak Yadav
  • Tahir Malek
    Tahir Malek

    Excellent good job All Ujjain staff Nadiad Khankuva bhautik sir Full support to All Ujjain staff I am very happy to work

  • Dinesh Thakor
    Dinesh Thakor

    Easy loans for women groups.

  • Laxmiben Thakor
    Laxmiben Thakor

    Helpful Bank

  • Vikram Solanki
    Vikram Solanki

    Gujrati language mobile banking very good

  • Kuntal Patel
    Kuntal Patel

    Good service

  • Drashti Gadhethariya
    Drashti Gadhethariya

    Excellent service and staff is very co operative ujjivan bank is now my primary bank.

  • ashokbhai solanki
    Ashokbhai solanki
  • Saumil shah
    Saumil shah

    Very good bank

  • krishna mehta
    Krishna mehta

    Good service by staff

  • Dipal Patel
    Dipal Patel
  • pavan sargara
    Pavan sargara
  • Ripa Sargra
    Ripa Sargra
  • Richa Sargara
    Richa Sargara
  • Roshni Punjabi
    Roshni Punjabi

    Good service

  • Jignesh Sargara
    Jignesh Sargara
  • Ripal Patel
    Ripal Patel
  • Shardha Shardha
    Shardha Shardha
  • Bhumika Mistry
    Bhumika Mistry
  • Dinesh Thakur
    Dinesh Thakur

    Absolutely terrific and very cooperative staff especially the way of SHRADHA MADAM's interaction with people..

  • Sangita Darbar
    Sangita Darbar
  • jagdish reddy
    Jagdish reddy
  • Sanjay Solanki
    Sanjay Solanki
  • ChAndu Patel
    ChAndu Patel
  • manish rajput
    Manish rajput
  • Gaytri Marwadi
    Gaytri Marwadi
  • Jatin Hiragar
    Jatin Hiragar

    Services good

  • Jay Rathi
    Jay Rathi

    Good service by shraddha mam

  • Kamlesh Kumar
    Kamlesh Kumar

    Good service

  • Gopi Gk Gk
    Gopi Gk Gk

    Mobile banking good

  • Sahil Khan
    Sahil Khan

    Loan service good

  • Kamlesh Sakariya
    Kamlesh Sakariya

    Service good

  • Rathaur Vishal
    Rathaur Vishal

    Service good

  • Vrunda Sharma
    Vrunda Sharma

    Service good

  • Sobhana Suthar
    Sobhana Suthar

    Service meeting is good facility

  • Harish Saroj
    Harish Saroj

    Service good

  • Aish Jariwala
    Aish Jariwala

    Good service by staff

  • Pragna Jariwala
    Pragna Jariwala

    Great service by staff

  • Tushar Patel
    Tushar Patel

    (Translated by Google) Support staff (Original) Suportive staff

  • pankaj bhavsar
    Pankaj bhavsar

    Good stafff

  • Mukesh Solanki
    Mukesh Solanki

    Good service for personal loan

  • moorsaleen shaikh
    Moorsaleen shaikh

    Good service mobile banking

  • Malek Aman Malek Aman
    Malek Aman Malek Aman

    Good service for yagnesh Rana sir

  • Hitesh Rohit
    Hitesh Rohit

    Good service

  • Ankita Rohit
    Ankita Rohit

    Mobile banking service good

  • N m Solanki N m Solanki
    N m Solanki N m Solanki

    Good service

  • Sameer Salman Diwan
    Sameer Salman Diwan
  • Anil Borana
    Anil Borana

    Fd rates goos

  • mitraraj nakum
    Mitraraj nakum

    Mobile banking service good

  • Ronak Shah
    Ronak Shah

    Good service

  • Vinay Sholnki
    Vinay Sholnki
  • Chandrakant Vaghela
    Chandrakant Vaghela

    Staff very supportive

  • Sahil Mansuri
    Sahil Mansuri

    service good

  • Aasif Vhora
    Aasif Vhora

    Supportive staff

  • mosin qureshi
    Mosin qureshi
  • samip parmar
    Samip parmar

    Amazing Good service

  • Rajesh Parmar
    Rajesh Parmar
  • Royal Vaghela
    Royal Vaghela

    Awesome service

  • Kelvin Bhatiya
    Kelvin Bhatiya

    Excellent service from staff

  • Jadav Vishal
    Jadav Vishal

    Very good support from staff and good experience during visit

  • Amrishbhai Rami
    Amrishbhai Rami

    Mind blowing services provide by staff

  • Amrish Rami
    Amrish Rami

    Outstanding service provider bank

  • Tanvi Rami
    Tanvi Rami

    Good fesility for customer

  • Shivangi Rami
    Shivangi Rami

    Fentastic bank . Good fd rate

  • Pranav Rami
    Pranav Rami

    Good service provider

  • viral chris
    Viral chris
  • momin Kamiyabhusen
    Momin Kamiyabhusen
  • Deep Patel
    Deep Patel
  • Pranav Patel
    Pranav Patel

    Friendly behavior and good staff

  • Patel Vraj
    Patel Vraj
  • Rahul Parmar
    Rahul Parmar

    Good services.

  • Sagara Rahul
    Sagara Rahul

    MOBILE banking service good

  • Shoma Sagara
    Shoma Sagara

    Sportive staff

  • Nikhil Sagara
    Nikhil Sagara

    Good staff

  • sagara akhil
    Sagara akhil

    Mobile banking good

  • Yash Sagra
    Yash Sagra

    Mobile banking service good

  • Gajes Sagra
    Gajes Sagra

    Mobile banking services good


    Good seevice

  • Sitaben Marvadi
    Sitaben Marvadi

    Supportive staff

  • Manoj Sagra
    Manoj Sagra
  • Dineshbhai Hiragar
    Dineshbhai Hiragar

    Good service

  • Sagara Suresh
    Sagara Suresh

    Mobile banking service good

  • Dipaji Sagra
    Dipaji Sagra

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  • Mukesh Sagra
    Mukesh Sagra

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    Rajeshghchcgkbghjo Sagara

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  • sagara Ashish
    Sagara Ashish

    Mobile banking service good

  • Bharat bhai Sagara
    Bharat bhai Sagara

    Good service

  • Ravi Sagra
    Ravi Sagra
  • Gopal Sagra
    Gopal Sagra

    Online service good

  • Khusbo r Marwadi
    Khusbo r Marwadi

    Good service

  • Soheb Mirza
    Soheb Mirza

    Good service

  • Mitul Makwana
    Mitul Makwana

    Good service of individual loan.good bank

  • Gohil Rekha Rajeshbhai
    Gohil Rekha Rajeshbhai

    Good service

  • Velentina Christian
    Velentina Christian

    Good service

  • Dilip Parmar
    Dilip Parmar

    Good service

  • hitesh rajput
    Hitesh rajput

    group loan facilities good for womens

  • Dhruvi Rana
    Dhruvi Rana


  • Garima Vijay
    Garima Vijay

    Word SMALL is only in the name...their service is at par to all the other universal banks. They offer amazing interest rates and lot of other benefits along with their affordable Current account as well...

Business Hours

  • Monday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Thursday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Friday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Saturday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
The branch will remain closed on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month

Payment Methods

  • Cash Payment
  • Net Banking
  • Debit Card
  • UPI
  • QR Code Payment
  • RTGS and NEFT Transfer

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Frequently asked Questions

Q.What is the procedure to open a Savings Bank Account

To open an account, you need to provide the necessary documents, undergo biometric verification (under paperless/electronic mode of account opening), and sign the Account Opening Form in paper based account opening

Q.Is it possible to open a bank account using only an Aadhaar card?

If customer wishes to open a bank account by providing Aadhaar Card, customer needs to submit an aadhaar card copy (self attested) along with original Aadhaar (which shall be returned back after verification by Bank official) and mandatory submission of copy of PAN (self attested) along with original PAN card ( which shall be returned back after verfication by Bank official) or Form 60 if customer is not holding/ not obtained PAN.

Q.What KYC requirements must be fulfilled to open a bank account?

The KYC process allows the acceptance of any Official Valid Documents (OVDs) as proof of identity. Moreover, it is mandatory to provide either a PAN card or Form 60 during the account opening.

Q.Is there a minimum balance required for a savings account?

The minimum balance requirement for a savings account depends on the Savings Account product variant opted by the customer, few product variants does not stipulate minimum balance whereas some other product variants stipulate minimum balance requirement.

Q.What is the process for requesting a new debit card from the Bank?

The debit card can be obtained as part of the account opening process. If you have not opted for issuance of Card at the time of Account opening or in need a re-issuance of the debit card, you can walk in into any of the nearest Ujjivan SFB branch and place the request.

Q.What are the Annual charges for the debit card?

The annual charges for the debit card vary depending on the type of savings account variant. Some accounts have annual maintenance charges (AMC), while others offer zero AMC (e.g., Privilege SA). For specific details regarding variant-wise charges, you can refer to the Schedule of Charges (SOC) on the bank's website.

Q.What is the minimum and maximum duration for an INR Fixed Deposit (FD)?

The INR Fixed Deposit (FD) tenure ranges from 7 days to 10 years.

Q.Is there any special interest rate benefit for senior citizens?

As of the current date, senior citizens receive an additional interest rate of 0.5% on all deposits other than Platina and NRE FD.

Q.What are the interest rates offered on Non-Resident (NR) deposits?

The interest rates on Non-Resident (NR) deposits are the same as those offered to resident citizens. However, the minimum tenure for NRE FD varies.

Q.What features does the debit card offer?

The features of the debit card vary depending on the card type and can be found on the website:

Q.Are there dedicated savings accounts specifically designed for women?

Yes, Garima Savings Account is an exclusive account for women

Q.What is the 24-hour customer care helpline number for Ujjivan SFB?

The 24-hour customer care helpline number for Ujjivan SFB is 1800-208-2121.

Q.Where do I find the nearest Branch or ATM

Find our nearby branch located at Tulsi Landmark,Opp. Kidney Hospital, Petlad Road,Bhakti Nagar, and our ATM situated at Tulsi Landmark,Opp. Kidney Hospital, Petlad Road,Bhakti Nagar.

Q.Where can I view the most recent performance of Ujjivan SFB?

To access the latest annual report of Ujjivan SFB, you may visit:

Q.What is ujjivan bank IFSC and MICR Code for Petlad Rd Branch?

IFSC Code of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, Petlad Rd is UJVN0004463 and MICR Code is 387761002.