Marketing Engagements

Banking on Enduring Relationships

As a fast-growing bank that caters to the small- and medium sectors, Ujjivan SFB has always remained strongly connected with its customers. Once the pandemic waned in Q2 FY22, it was time to leverage our strong relationship with customers. We launched varied innovative campaigns during the year along with a range of banking options.

Educating Customers on Prudent Financial Management

The COVID waves left many with depleted savings, and they needed funds to rejuvenate their businesses. After the second wave, we relaunched communications around better financial management that we had started at the beginning of the pandemic – to educate our customers on how to balance spends with savings, and the importance of maintaining a good credit score to enhance overall creditworthiness. Customer education films were launched in vernacular languages, so that maximum number of people could be reached with our message of financial prudence.

Seasonal Campaigns

During these difficult times, every financial problem added to the overall challenges. Roof leakages were common during the monsoon months, and meant additional expenses. We rolled out a monsoon campaign through digital and outdoor media, promoting home improvement loans that would help customers tackle the problem of roof leakages without any hassles.

Theme-based Campaigns

The occasion of World Savings Day was used to communicate the importance of regular savings and a short digital film, which movingly communicated this message was released. The Bank’s savings account carries a rather attractive 7% interest rate and its FD options too, offer significantly competitive accrual rates, and can serve as effective means of regular savings.

We launched an extensive multi- channel campaign over the print, outdoor and digital media, to promote our FD offerings across 50 cities and in 6 languages. The Ujjivan SFB Debit Card was also launched with a host of strategic tie-ups, with more than 100 brands of national and local significance, across 15 lifestyle categories.

Positioning Ujjivan SFB at the Top

Ujjivan SFB is one of the most successful banks in the SFB category, and enjoys a pan-India customer base, serving a wide range of customer segments. The Bank’s corporate communications initiatives focused on building Ujjivan SFB’s thought leadership position within the industry through key leadership announcements, highlighting of our CSR initiatives, and several webinars and panel discussions, which also showcased our superior interest rates for term deposits.

Thriving Social Media Presence

We kept the social media space buzzing throughout the year with various campaigns on new products and services, festive wishes and coverage of our special events, leadership insights and exciting offers.

Campaigns during the Festive Season

The Bank was keen to bring back some excitement into people’s lives after the challenging two years they had faced. For the festive months beginning from August, region-specific activities were unveiled. The first among a series of fun-filled events was the eco-pond van for Ganesh visarjan. This involved a mobile van, with a specially designed tank, filled with chemically treated water, where the Ganesh idol could be immersed. During Ganeshotsav, social distancing and lockdowns were still underway. The special eco-pond van, which was branded by Ujjivan SFB, made immersion possible right at the customers’ doorstep. The activity saw direct participation from more than 12,000 devotees, and more than 15 Lakhs of people were digitally contacted as part of the outreach.

The traditional Dasara Ambaari campaign was launched in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu during the Navratri period, where our demo van was decked with the Golu (arrangement of decorative dolls and figurines) in their traditional display of colours.

This campaign was amplified through radio and outdoor media, and successfully reached an audience of more than 10 Lakhs. Similar campaigns were launched in the eastern region, and in Kolkata during the Durga Puja celebrations, where the publication ‘Ei Samay’ and media channel Zee Bangla were partnered with, reaching a cumulative audience of 20 Lakhs of people.

Another set of campaigns was organised in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand during the Chhath Puja celebrations. Ujjivan SFB joined forces with the radio channel Big FM as the title partner for ‘Ujjivan SFB presents Chhath Geet Awards,’ along with on-ground initiatives held at the Chhath Ghat, which had an impactful reach of over 2 Million people.