Financial Literacy Program

Financial education is core to Ujjivan Small Finance Bank’s mission to give more low-income families access to the financial tools and resources they require to achieve security and prosperity. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank has played a key role in equipping women from low-income families with the knowledge and tools they need to save safely reduce financial risk and make informed, intelligent financial decisions. Through Diksha, its financial literacy program, in 2019-20 alone the program reached to 101,256 women enabling 7,000+ account opening. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank’s success over the past years is based on its ability to understand customer needs and develop appropriate, responsive solutions.


Diksha+ is considered as one of the best financial literacy programs in India because women are able to assimilate the training modules in the formats they are very likely to remember. Diksha+ works on the premises that these women, never having gone through a formal education, neither have the discipline nor the attention span to sit through any kind of training other than a grade 1 format – story telling in parables; role playing; lot of games and finally a big thrill – a graduation day! Numerical skills, keeping a financial dairy, bank savings accounts, ATM cards, simple ways to regularly save for their “needs” and “wants”.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank sees this as an opportunity where it can use Ujjivan as a platform to better integrate poor families into the formal banking system.

The project seeks to enable women from low-income families entering the formal banking system to understand the benefits of a small finance bank, teach them the importance of financial planning, as well as concepts and tools that help them save judiciously, borrow responsibly and manage debt prudently based on their financial capacity. To better integrate women into the financial sector, Ujjivan understands not only the local banking and regulatory environment but also these women’s lives. This includes the cultures in which they live and work, their role as caregiver, and their financial needs and goals.

Ujjivan current program, Diksha+ seeks to facilitate financial education at any client interaction; Weekly transactions will provide an opportunity to reinforce basic information that can help women access, use and benefit from a financial product. Diksha+ is a combination of targeted interventions that will work together to improve confidence and change financial knowledge, attitudes and practices. The program facilitates financial inclusion using mass media, outreach by branch staff, in-classroom training, technology and mobile platforms and interactive material all of which will improve asset building and economic security among women by helping them better utilize their resources.

Since inception, the bank has trained about 12.4 Lakh beneficiaries through Diksha+ Program and in FY 22-23, about 1,19,222+ customers were trained across 278 branches.

No. of Beneficiaries

12,40,000 +

No. of Branches


Financial Literacy Program For MSME Customers

While we continue our Financial Literacy Program to our Micro Banking customers, we are now intending to extend the program our MSME customers as per the directives of RBI.

Partnered with Haqdarshak who is the first Indian social enterprise to digitalize welfare programs on a single platform, we have recently conducted this program as a pilot run for our MSME customers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and Aligarh, UP. A wide range of topics were covered in the program which includes various options available for Financing their business needs, information on the central registrations & educating them on the availability of various Govt. welfare and financing schemes.

No. of states / Union Territories


No. of Regional languages


Total No. of beneficiaries


FLP Beyond Ujjivan

As a step forward, Ujjivan’s flagship financial literacy program is being extended to the beneficiaries outside Ujjivan Small Finance Bank. Curated to their needs, we have piloted this training program during the FY 22-23 in partnership with Marwari hospital, Anahat clinic, Mantri society and TNS India Foundation.

Total No. of beneficiaries


Chillar Bank

Primarily aimed at imparting financial literacy to the children of our Micro banking customers, the chillar Bank program has been creating a positive impact on their parents as well by enlightening them on the benefits of saving early and making long-term investments for their future. Being fast learners, the children help their parents with the usage of various digital platforms like UPI apps, mobile banking applications and educate them on the probable digital frauds.

We have educated 2,07,644 parents and their children across 200+ branches through this noble initiative.

No. of Beneficiaries

2,07,644 +

No. of Branches

200 +

Financial Literacy Camps

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank also launched Financial Literacy Camps at 132 URC branches across 11 states under the guidance of RBI. Educational materials used under this program was designed by RBI. Ujjivan has trained 11602+ beneficiaries under this camp since Sep ’22.

Total No. of beneficiaries

11602 +

Total No. of Rural branches covered



Parinaam Foundation

Ujjivan partners with Parinaam Foundation to impart financial literacy to the women and children of low-income families through its flagship programs – Diksha + and Chillar bank programs and provide access to the financial tools and resources they require to achieve financial security & prosperity.


Haqdarshak is the first Indian social enterprise to digitalize welfare programs on a single platform. Team Haqdarshak has been able to assist around 20,000 low-income people access benefits that they otherwise would not have been able to. Haqdarshak is part of the Facebook's Code for Next Billion group, a program for start-ups, and the Village Capital-Omidyar Civic Tech Accelerator. In partnership with Haqdarshak, Ujjivan will cover a range of topics including financing for business, central registrations, Govt. welfare and financing schemes for the MSME customers.

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