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Notice: Disabling of Online (Card Not Present*) transactions on unused Debit Cards

Frequently asked Questions:

1) What is a Card Not Present* transaction or Online Transaction?

A Card Not Present* transaction or Online Transaction is made where the cardholder does not or cannot physically present the card for a merchant’s visual examination at the time when an order is placed & payment is initiated. These transactions are done in online/Ecommerce websites in the internet, where a physical Debit card is not required for completing the transaction. E.g. online shopping, ticket booking, bill payments, etc...

2) Can my Debit Card get blocked for Online/Card not present transactions?

Yes, As per RBI Mandate all Debit Cards which have never been used for Online/Card Not Present transactions should be temporarily blocked by Ujjivan SFB as a security measure. However, Ujjivan SFB will provide a facility to the cardholder to enable the Online/Card Not Present transactions feature through Mobile Banking Application, Internet Banking, Phone Banking and ATMs from 30th September, 2020.

3) When can I activate the Online/Card Not Present transactions facility for my Debit Card?

Ujjivan SFB shall be updating the details in the Bank’s website on how to enable the facility from 30th September 2020. You can also contact Ujjivan Customer Care No: 1800 208 2121 for more details.

4) Can I continue to use my Ujjivan SFB Debit Card for ATM, POS & Online transactions after 30th September 2020?

You can continue to use your Ujjivan SFB Debit Card for ATM, POS and Online transactions. However, the online transaction feature will be temporarily blocked in case no such transactions were ever performed by the cardholder. Further, you can enable the online transaction service for Debit card through Ujjivan SFB Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, ATM and Phone Banking from 30th September 2020. Call 18002082121 for details.

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