Phone Banking

Banking That is Just
a Call Away

The phone banking support team helps to give shape to the Bank’s promise of providing convenient and accessible banking. During the pandemic, when personal movement was restricted and localised lockdowns were underway, the phone banking service came as a boon for our customers. Standing steadfast on our mantra of “One Bank One Ujjivan” the Phone Banking Channel served customers 24/7 in 9 languages with 9.5 Lakhs customer calls answered.

The nature of calls handled included queries, requests, complaints as well as, lead generation, with service standard levels at 89.60% and an uptime of above 99%. Our intrabank-service index scores were 4.5 against a benchmark of 5 points.

We continue to follow the ‘Universal phone banker’ method (all officers are trained to handle any call that comes in) of answering calls of our customers and the gender balance in our phone banking team is at a 50:50 ratio with employees having multi-lingual abilities to serve our customers.

Safe and Convenient Banking

During the pandemic, our impetus was on providing a banking experience that was simple and prompt and this was done through the implementation of the concept of ‘Straight Through Processes’. This enabled our customers to carry out critical account-related transactions with complete security, with transactions such as freezing of accounts, blocking and unblocking of UPI services, stop payment of cheques, enablement and disablement of internet banking access, registration and disabling of mobile banking, hot-listing of a debit card, change of e-mail ID and mobile number all available via phone banking’s ‘Straight Through Process’ approach.

By bringing in these services our ‘First Call Resolution’ score stood at 92% during FY 2021-22 giving customers a sense of satisfaction and ease of banking with us.

Customer Self-service – IVR

The introduction of the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) self-service in May 2021 further added to our customers’ seamless digitised banking experience with services like card blocking, account balance checking and mini statement generation enabled without any human interaction. This helped to move digital banking to the next level – from assisted to the self-service mode. 95% of the customers successfully transacted through self-service option in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) by customers.

Contribution to Business

The Phone Banking team puts its best foot forward in order to support business and value generation for the bank by sourcing all products (assets and liabilities) through our Inbound and Outbound channels. An average of 6,500 leads are generated per month which further leads to a potential average value realisation of ₹47 Crores month-on-month, moving us to a total of ₹575 Crores in total as on date. Our conversion rate currently stands at an average of 15% with a target of moving this up to 30%. The asset portfolio has shown a growth trajectory compared to the previous financial year by 175%.


Leads generated per month


Potential average value realisation of month-on-month

Customer Connect

Customer Connect campaigns like Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Welcome Calls for Liability and Asset products were carried out to obtain Customer Feedback and requirements. The feedback was used by the business/products team to learn, absorb and design suitable products and services.

Close to 73,000 customers were reached through the phone banking unit, out of which 56% responded to our calls and shared their feedback.

Continuing on the path of delivering excellent customer experience, we intend to bring in services that will enable customers to enjoy banking with us at their convenience. These services include:

  • Chat and email support
  • Video KYC
  • Enhanced and easy-to-use IVR,
  • Customer Feedback Mechanism