Customer Service

Adopting a Customer- First Approach

Superior customer experience and top-notch quality of service are imperative for fostering a sustainable relationship between the Bank and the customers. Our ultimate service and quality yardstick is best described by Ujjivan SFB’s objective to ‘deliver exceptional service to our customers, by instilling service culture in our people, process, and policy, enabled by technology’.

In order to drive this practice, the Bank has established a dedicated Service Quality department, which channelises the programmes around customer experience management, quality assurance, customer care and grievances resolution, and customer service compliance, among others.

Customer Experience

The experience of customers across the journey through products, services and touch points determines longevity of their relationship with the Bank. Various observations and data on customer behaviour, including feedback received from customers, were effectively used for driving the Bank’s customer service programs. Ujjivan SFB has developed unique campaigns to deliver superior customer experience, such a merchant QR code, and On-field mobile number updation, in addition to conducting service quality training programs for the staff. The Ujjivan Pay QR code was launched in February 2022, and distributed to over 32,000 micro banking customers. The facility will help customers digitise their income without the hassle of traveling to the Bank to deposit cash proceeds of their business. The facility to update mobile number through hand-held devices through OTP verification at customer’s doorstep, shall help reduce dependency on branch visits for banking requirements.

Some of our customer experience programmes:

Lending an Ear to Customers

On the backdrop of the pandemic, the ‘Listening to Customers’ programme was initiated in FY 2020-21 by various businesses, to virtually connect with customers, and seek their feedback/suggestions on our products, process, service and delivery channels. During the current financial year, virtual sessions were held, which were attended by customers across geographies and the senior management of the Bank. The feedback provided by customers during the sessions was analysed and addressed.

The Customer Experience unit under the Service Quality department continuously gathers customer feedback through various programs, such as C-SAT surveys, monthly customer service meeting at branches, and the ‘Let’s Connect’ initiative, to mention a few. The customers of various categories, such as business community, senior citizens and micro-banking customers were contacted for their feedback, challenges, and recommendations. These communication and feedback platforms were also used to make customers aware of the alternative channels made available for fulfilment of their service requirements, without having to physically visit the branches. During the year, feedback was collected from more than 43,000 walk-in customers.

Life Events-based Banking Services

When customers go through certain life events, both good and bad, their banking service needs are unique and complex, requiring consideration, efficiency, and support. The Bank has successfully been running a campaign, designed as ‘Aajeevan’, a life events-based banking services, which includes hassle-free and empathetic services towards nomination facility, joint accounts, settlement of claims of deceased account holders, settlements of insurance claims, and priority services to senior citizens and specially-abled customers. Due to the focused efforts, 86% of service requests were resolved within specified timelines during the year, demonstrating improvement from 79%, compared to previous year.

Extending Care During Pandemic

As the pandemic brought many challenges to our customers, especially those among lower income group families, the settlement of insurance claims of the deceased borrowers has severely been affected, due to delay in obtaining documents from local authorities, restrictions on people’s movement from series of lockdowns and public offices, working with limited staffing. Ujjivan SFB has launched a special campaign to train its branch staff on assisting the families of deceased customers in document collection, and also fast-tracking the claim process. The staff was motivated to give priority for these services through the rewards and recognition programme. The progress in insurance claim settlements has been reviewed by the senior management at cross-functional forums. As a result of this special campaign, overall claims settlements have increased by 50% to 19,110 during the second half of the year, from 12,709 in the first half.

Special Attention to Senior Citizens

Our branches are sensitised on various services that need to be catered across life events of customers. Senior citizens are included as an integral part of our ‘Let’s Connect’ programme to address their concerns, obtain feedback, and to make them aware about services, such as doorstep banking facility, nomination facility, adding/ deleting a joint account holder, appointing a mandate holder, and deceased claim settlement, among others. All the branches have a dedicated desk to attend to senior citizens.

Prioritising Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team has defined service standards for each business, incorporating key service aspects that impact the quality-of-service delivery, and customer satisfaction. The Bank’s Board and management forums periodically review the progress made on the service quality goals, and provide oversight. Further, the service quality goals are part of the key job responsibilities of the staff, right from the heads of the functions, to sales and service staffs at the ground. The team also works towards proactively identifying process gaps, assessing incident impact, and fixing them through standard incident handling mechanisms.

Prompt Grievance Redressal Mechanism

The Grievance Redressal vertical of service quality department has developed a comprehensive management process for handling complaints end-to-end, keeping customer satisfaction as the primary goal. While the customer acquisition and digital transaction volumes have grown multifold in last three years, the number of complaints in FY 2021-22 have reduced by 15% and 38% respectively, as compared to FY 2020-21 and 2019-20. The Grievance Management team not only manages all customer complaints received through the various channels, but also ensures the quality of complaints resolved, by making calls to complainants. Post resolution of complaints, we reached out to over 18% complainants to ensure completeness of resolution, and sought feedback on the grievance redressal mechanism. Various systemic changes have been made during the year, which shall aid in quality and timely resolution of customers’ grievances.

Testimonials that motivate us

“We deal in high-value exotic fruits with low shelf life. For us, prompt availability of working capital is very important. Earlier, we were struggling to provide timely deliveries due to working capital shortage. After availing of the business loan provided by Ujjivan, we have been able to streamline our working capital requirements and meet the demands of clients like Reliance Fresh, Dmart etc. in a better way”

- Imamuddin Khan owner of K B International, Mumbai
(trader in exotic fruits)

“We started our business of branded readymade garments seven years ago. While we had plans to open another store, lack of funds was a major roadblock. Now thanks to the loan from Ujjivan, my dream of opening a store at a prime location (in Kalyan) has finally materialised.

Our monthly turnover has increased and so have the profits. This would not have been possible without the splendid support provided by the team at Ujjivan”

- Mr H Nandu, owner of SHE (Store for designer apparel), Thane

“We supply plywood to reputed clients like Greenlam and Century Prowud MDF. Therefore, having a seamless and convenient banking experience is critical for our business. Ujjivan SFB has been the perfect banking partner for us.

Whenever we have needed funds, our loans have been processed in a hassle-free manner. With such seamless banking service, we do not have to worry about timely availability of funds and can focus on our business.”

- Sunil Jangid (plywood trader), Jaipur

“When I started my textile business with a small investment, I had an extremely ambitious four-year plan in mind. But with Ujjivan’s help, I was able to grow revenues by 40% in just two years and also implement the plan that I had. Today we supply our products to major e-commerce websites.

I had approached other banks for a business loan during my initial years as an entrepreneur, but they did not process my application as the turnover was low. However Ujjivan’s staff did not turn me away. They ensured that loan disbursement was seamless and quick. Ujjivan has played a key role in my success journey as an entrepreneur”

- Karthikeyan owner of Ahill Fashion Textile INC(textile manufacturer), Coimbatore

“I always dreamt of having my own house and this dream was fulfilled thanks to Ujjivan. My home loan was processed and serviced in a smooth, hassle-free way, and the staff was very friendly, courteous and responsive.

After availing the home loan, I have also opened a savings account and FD with Ujjivan, as I believe that these will help me in fulfilling my family’s needs in the future”

- Rajesh Shendge, owner of a laundry store, Pune

“We started our small rubber business eight years ago. We have been able to successfully scale up and achieve a turnover of ₹10 Crores due to the unstinting support provided by Ujjivan SFB. Today, we supply rubber products to clients scattered across various states like Delhi, Gujarat, Kerala and Punjab.

Our relationship with Ujjivan began with a current account, then we opened a savings account and also took a business loan. Ujjivan’s specialised Business Net Banking and convenient RTGS and NEFT features really made a difference to our operations. I do not have words to express how grateful I am for the support that Ujjivan has provided.”

- Mr Bikash Mahajan, owner of Mahajan Rubber
(manufacturer of rubber products), Agartala, Tripura