Marketing Engagements

Amplifying our brand visibility

Despite pandemic-induced challenges, we decided to engage more with our customers, identify their pain points and address their concerns as a caring and compassionate brand.

On these lines, we developed various audio and video content for creating awareness about the pandemic and how to safeguard ourselves against it. These pandemic messages were created in vernacular languages and released across Ujjivan Small Finance Bank branch catchments and social media handles. We further collaborated with local municipalities by co-branding their messages, to educate people on these precautionary measures and distributed safety kits to our customers.


As the lockdown stretched during the first quarter of the year, TV and OTT viewership and social media engagement surged. Amid this new normal, we unveiled our first-ever pan-India social media campaign on the occasion of Mother’s Day, wherein we encouraged our customers to share their mothers’ unique talent. The campaign generated 3,000+ entries in only five days.

Based on the positive response, we also designed digital campaigns around World No Tobacco Day, World Earth Day and others, which received similar responses as well


With lockdown restrictions easing in August, 2020, we combined our ongoing digital activities with on-ground initiatives to create more brand visibility. During this phase, we acknowledged the critical role healthcare professionals have been playing during the pandemic. The programme was organised on Doctor’s Day and our branch teams thanked all doctors and healthcare professionals in their catchment areas, felicitated them with certificates of appreciation and Doctor’s Day greeting card.


During the year, we forayed into vehicle finance with Raftaar Loans across our branches. We promoted the product onground by taking part in local events and fairs. We also collaborated with Indore Traffic Police to support the city’s 32nd Road Safety Month, wherein we supported the event with various co-branded hoardings and auto-branding displays with road safety tips across the city.

Our Indore branch team was felicitated with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for this participation at an event hosted by Indore Traffic Police.


Dussehra with Dasara Gombe

In this initiative, a special demo-van was rolled out with the Dussehra Dolls and Ujjivan Small Finance Bank branding. The van displayed figurines of birds, animals and mythological characters and went to various neighbourhoods in Karnataka. Wherever the van went, people gathered to get themselves photographed with the Dussehra van. We managed the entire campaign by adhering to appropriate COVID-19 norms.

Mythology quiz on Durga Puja

Durga Puja is the most widely celebrated festival in eastern India. During Puja 2020, we launched a special mythological quiz that received a phenomenal response, generating 1,800+ entries within a week.

We also initiated a series of festive campaigns—both digital and on-ground—to celebrate major festivals such as Navratri, Dussehra, Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and Makar Sankranti.

Diwali-special alliances

For Diwali, we entered into various alliances with the popular online retailers and service providers, offering our customers special solutions.


Although it may seem, that the pandemic has radically changed customer behaviour, but deep down their emotions remain unchanged. That is what we found out in these campaigns. We will continue to reach out to our target audiences through a judicious mix of new-age and traditional media, by adopting personalised and mass communications techniques.


This campaign was launched specially in Assam, which faced terrible floods during the winters of 2020. The initiative continued from mid-November to the end of the Calendar Year and provided doorstep banking services in the state.

The campaign was appreciated by our customers and associates in the state.