Customer Service

Enriching our offerings

At Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, providing exceptional services is important for us. In fact, it is among our key differentiators to remain a competitive player in the market and continue to attract and retain customers. We are constantly elevating our technology prowess and adding to the breadth and depth of our portfolio.


We are improving our customer experience through a strong feedback mechanism whereby our Service Quality Department consistently engages with the customers to gather their opinion on how to improve customer services. We use programmes such as C-SAT surveys, NPS, depositors satisfaction survey, monthly customer service meeting (Let’s Connect).

These programmes help improve services and customer satisfaction by proactively identifying service gaps, root causes and providing prompt resolutions.


Let’s Connect is a unique customer engagement programme where ~6,000-8,000 customers are contacted every month to collect their feedback and concerns, if any. Apart from this, customers were also educated on various topics such as the importance of nomination, how to submit Form 15G/H through our digital channels and other services and benefits.


Complaint Management is one of the key aspects of a reliable customer service. Therefore, our service quality department has developed a comprehensive management process for handling end-to-end concerns. Grievance management addresses all customer complaints received through various channels, including email, social media posts, phone calls at our toll-free line or walk-in complaints at our branch, handles all presidential complaints received from the Banking Ombudsman or other authorities, and ensures the quality of complaints resolved through calls to customers for whom the grievances are addressed.

Post resolution of complaints, over 60% complainants are called back to ensure completeness of resolution and seek feedback on grievance redressal mechanism.


We launched Aajeevan—a life events-based services programme—that provides complete banking solutions for every stage of the customer’s life, enabling them to navigate life with ease. The programme further helps us to support our customers in an efficient and meaningful way. It was launched on YouTube with a series of quizzes for our employees to enhance their understanding of the programme.

Post its introduction, there was an uptick in the number of service requests related to life events-based banking services with a reduced resolution turn-aroundtime. We also made high-quality awareness videos on the programme, which are made available in local languages. We expect Aajeevan to become a clear differentiator for us in the coming days.


We initiated a new customer-connect programme, listening to customers, under the guidance of Board Committee on customer service. Under this programme, we virtually communicate with customers and seek their feedback/suggestions on our products, process, service and delivery channels. We conducted our first session in March, 2020 for all regions. The first session was attended by 100+ customers and our senior management. Our customers appreciated the concept and our services; and their feedback and suggestions were evaluated for implementation. Going forward, we will conduct these sessions regularly across all customer segments.


With the launch of celebration for ‘Senior Citizen’s Week’ in September, 2020, we conducted special sessions for senior citizen customers at our branches to inform them about services such as doorstep services, nomination facility, adding/deleting a joint account holder, appointing a mandate holder, deceased claim settlement etc. The number of service requests related to life events has doubled between the pre- and postcampaign weeks, reflecting the impact of our campaign.

We have set up dedicated desks for attending senior citizens for both financial and non-financial transactions.


Our Quality Assurance team has defined service standards for each business segment based on customer expectations and industry standards. The improving trend of bank-level service index is an evidence of successful implementation of service indices across functions.

The team sets new benchmarks every six months with highest level of service delivery expectations and ensures that it reaches most of the customer service parameters within predefined timelines.


Our Service Quality department has developed a roadmap to adopt digital platforms for seeking customer feedback across lifecycle, covering all products, services and delivery touchpoints.