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At Ujjivan Chote Kadam, we believe in working towards bringing a change in the lives of people by providing them with critical infrastructure facilities and social services. This includes constructing bus stops and renovating Bus stands so that daily commuters have a secure waiting place while awaiting transport to their destinations, developing a children’s play area in a Community park, Renovating a weekly-market shed, Putting up Road-Dividers in a busy section of a city main-road to prevent accidents and Installing Solar Street Lights in a village that has erratic supply of electricity.

Ujjivan Chote Kadam public infrastructure development projects have since the last 6 months reached to and benefitted more than 40000 people across 13 villages, towns and cities in 8 states in India.

Arcot Bus Stand Renovation

Durg Open Gym installation at Park

Nagaon Tempo Stop Renovation

Tezpur Market Shed Inauguration

Vadodara Street Solar Lighting

Satara Bus Stop

Agra - Taal Semri village -Solar Street Lighting

Attiguppe Children's Park Renovation

Jakkasandra branch Road safety awareness

Jalgaon Bus Stand renovation

Kaliagunj Bus stop Inauguration

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