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In addition to quality teaching, having good educational infrastructure and facilities in schools is essential to help improve learning outcomes of students. Basic infrastructure like seating arrangements, safe drinking water and functional toilets continues to be an unmet requirement in many schools across our country.

Our intervention in the Education sector focuses on renovating the government and private low-income schools by providing them essential amenities like functional toilets, desk-benches for students and drinking water facilities. As part of Chote Kadam school renovation projects we have also undertaken wall-painting, building compound walls and roofing of schools. All these initiatives are aimed to provide a conducive learning environment for the students.

Since February 2018, we’ve reached out to more than 8000 school children across 26 educational institutes in 12 states of India. With the new refreshed infrastructure facilities, we hope that the learning experience of students will be even more exciting and comfortable.

Aurangabad School Renovation

Himmatnagar School Toilet Construction

Indore Disability Rehab Centre Hostel Renovation

Siliguri School Renovation

Krishnagiri School Renovation

Alwar School Renovation

Ambernath School - Donation Of Hearing Aids

Pimperi School Renovation

Roorkee School Renovation

Saharanpur School Renovation

Sirsa School Project - Water Filter & Toilet Facility

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