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At Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, we firmly believe that success of our business lies in its positive impact created on the society. With this belief, we ensure a strong corporate culture, emphasising the integration of CSR values with business objectives. We stand by our motto, 'Build a Better Life'.

A Community Development Initiative

Small steps for a huge leap

Serving the unserved and the underserved of the country has always been at the heart of everything we do at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank. With Community Development being a key focus area and a vital part of our CSR initiatives, we specialise in Infrastructure Development and Aid programs. Under these initiatives, we have prioritized key areas, such as Education, Healthcare, Preventive Healthcare, Health Awareness, Sanitation, providing safe drinking water facilities etc. along with feeding the needy among others.

Please find below some of the projects we have done under community development initiatives:

Chotte Kadam projects

At Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, we always aim to create a positive impact on the society. Our Promoter, Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd. started the Community Development Program, Chotte Kadam back in 2017 with an objective to give back something meaningful to the communities, based on their needs.

Through Chotte Kadam, our aim is to serve unmet community needs of the unserved and underserved. This community development program focuses on delivering projects that are selected and then executed on the basis of requirements and decisions of the community. We give attention to broad categories of public infrastructure facilities (bus stops, drinking water facility, street lighting), education (upgrading schools), healthcare (improving health centers) and environment (renovating parks and public areas).

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank has a strategic partnership with Parinaam Foundation to carry out social welfare efforts. The bank volunteers worked along with Parinaam Foundation for a better and well-built India. Having successfully concluded 24 projects (and with 100 projects in the pipeline) in 12 states which has benefited over 4,76,700 individuals, Chotte Kadam is a movement that endeavors to make lives better, every day, in every way.


Healthcare infrastructure for CMC Vellore

Lack of timely medical care and quality facilities have always been a prime concern to the country, especially during the pandemic. As part of our healthcare initiatives, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank partnered with CMC Vellore, and provided 4 ICU units to their facility, especially designed to cater to a large number of COVID-19 affected patients. The units have been procured and have become operational, slated to impact about 500 lives a year.


Food aid program through Calcutta Social Project

At Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, we understand that building a better life becomes possible when our most basic needs are met. To further that Ujjivan Small Finance Bank partnered with the Calcutta Social Project, an NGO working in the slums of Kolkata. The partnership is intended to help more than 1200 people from the weaker communities of Kolkata through dry ration support for a duration of 3 months. Through CSP, we have also supported the online education program for underprivileged children and vocational training for the Girls Craft Centre run by the Calcutta Social Project.


Reaching out to rural children through e-Vidyaloka

While the world is going digital, the benefactors have mostly been the privileged, with the unserved and the underserved of the society left in the lurch. Taking this into cognizance, we at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, partnered with – e-Vidyaloka, where we were able to enable access to quality education to the unserved by using digital technology. 420 video modules have been created for mobile app and broadcast as of 31st March 2021. e-Vidyaloka has also enrolled 3 NGO partners in Tiruvannamalai district of TN, reaching out to 35 children who are now availing the benefit of these classes.

The classes in Tamil have also been broadcasted on television through local cable networks reaching a massive 5.01 lakhs viewership. In Karnataka, 1 NGO partner has been enrolled to cover Dharwad, Bagalkot, Gadag and Belgaum districts, with 58 children benefitting from these classes directly. The classes in Kannada were also broadcasted through local cable networks reaching over 3.09 lakh viewers.


Cheshire Disability Trust

We at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, firmly believe that everyone has the right to ‘Build a Better Life’, regardless of one’s ability. By partnering with – Cheshire Disability Trust, we drove this philosophy forward by supporting the Livelihood Enhancement Program to persons with disabilities. The participants would be trained on computer skills and other soft skills to make them more job-ready.


Food aid for inmates of Sumanahalli Society

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank has also supported the efforts taken to ensure timely nutritious food supply to 75 inmates of the Sumanahalli Society affected with Leprosy for a duration of 6 months starting from February 2021.


Health awareness through St. John’s Hospital

Dispensing accurate and timely information can make a world of difference, especially during the pandemic. To ensure that health-related education reaches out to over a 1000 people arriving daily at the St. John’s hospital, we supported the hospital in the procurement of 5 unique digital information kiosks designed to display health-related information throughout the day.


Project Swachh Neighborhood

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank believes that charity begins at home. In adherence to our belief, we initiated our activities towards the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, where we took the initiative to clean our neighbourhoods. The Project started as a cleanliness pilot campaign covering areas near our Koramangala branch in Bengaluru. The initiative was later scaled to many more locations during the FY19-20, actively involving employees and communities in The Swachh Neighbourhood project. Our objective was to build a sustainable model by educating the local community members on maintaining a clean neighbourhood. As the first step towards cleanliness, we identified the dirtiest streets and areas in the locality. After that, we cleared the debris, garbage dumping areas, and littering spots. To further ensure that these clean spots don’t turn into a sorry state again, we painted the walls. We went hand-in-hand with the local community and the municipal bodies to monitor the clean areas and assure that it doesn’t turn into a garbage dumping spot again. In addition to that our bank's employees reached out to local schools and involved little children in our cleanliness campaign. Involving children in this social cause raised awareness in the little ones, and they realised the importance of maintaining a clean environment. Many schools supported the drive and even organised awareness marches with placards designed by their students.

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