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Ujjivan Small Finance Bank not only serves as a microfinance solution, but empowers the socio-economic progress of its consumers. Along with Parinaam Foundation, we are working towards empowering our customers across the country with a variety of programs.

Parinaam Foundation

Parinaam was conceived in 2006, to support the education and healthcare needs of the urban and semi-urban poor. The needs of the urban poor are very different from their counterparts in rural areas and till date, Parinaam has tried to understand them and empower the rural populations with its social initiatives.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank has a strategic partnership with Parinaam and carry out social welfare efforts in association with them.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

Financial Literacy of the economically underprivileged is the first step towards ensuring financial inclusion within India. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank along with Parinaam Foundation is working towards financial inclusion of its customers across India.

Diksha is a five-week, five module in-depth training and linkages program that empower women to make well informed financial decisions. It also enables them to access a wide range of financial products and services that are available in the market.

The program teaches women cash flow, income and expenditure budgeting, savings options, and debt management. Women are taught to differentiate between "needs” and "wants", to negotiate their debt, understand the mechanics of loans/EMI components, and the use of bank account facilities such as ATMs, SMS alerts and cheque books.

As part of the program, women are assisted in opening savings accounts so that they can inculcate the habit of managing their savings better.

Since its inception, Diksha has covered over 4,00,000 economically low income women. The programme is run across 20 states and UTs, taught in 12 different languages.


Sankalp is a short documentary film created by Ujjivan Small Finance Bank to educate the customers of Microfinance companies on the consequences of over borrowing, ghost lending and on the importance of credit bureau.